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Jessica gives treatments both in her home and at the client’s place. It is important for some small children to be in their home environment and feel safe while being examined or treated.

Online assessment, treatment and advice is also possible! 

 Speech-language pathologists don’t have a health care contract with Region Östergötland. Therefor, when you contact Jessica for help, you must pay the whole amount yourself.

Private clients pay 1300:- SEK per visit, which takes around 50 minutes.
When needed, and there are several visits lined up, the following visits can be shortened to 25 minutes.
Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the appointment costs 450 SEK.


FOR companies

Jessica gives (musical, if you will) lectures and workshops about voice ergonomics, use of voice on the telephone or in the classroom and how to give an engaging lecture from a theatrical and SLP perspective at telecall companies, teachers, gym instructors and other professionals working with voice or speaking themselves. 

She treats employees with voice or other problems privately, in case their company health care hires her.

Municipalities and companies pay 1600:- + VAT per treatment, which takes 50 min.

Are you interested in a lecture or workshop for your company? Contact Jessica!




+46 732 546 230

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