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What is slp?

You can get help from Jessica for all kinds of problems with language, speech, voice, hearing, eating and drinking, reading or writing. A speech-language pathologist (SLP) evaluates, diagnoses and treats people of all ages.

However, you can also seek help when you are healthy, but would like to have coaching regarding preventive voice care or presentation techniques. 

Jessica is specialized within the fields of

* voice,

* speech/language development

* oral motor control, Child apraxia of speech, tongue-ties, she’s an OMT therapist

* sensory processing disorders and SLP

She has acquired a wealth of knowledge in augmentative and alternative communication and other genetic and neuropsychiatric diagnoses during her years at the children’s rehabilitation center.

Jessica’s other profession is being a Complete Vocal Technique singing teacher, performing singer/songwriter and musician. 

She also works with helping people change stuck thinking patterns or blocked energy as an energy healer. She is an Access BARS and Body Process Practitioner. 

Jessica is a member of the Swedish SLP Union, part of SRAT, trade union for academics that work within the fields of health, communication and management.

+46 732 546 230

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