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Singing Is Communicating

Both singing and speaking are about communication, about delivering a message to the world. What is your message? What would you like to communicate? Are you looking for more volume and power? Would you like to access higher notes in your register? Be able to sing in different styles? Have a different sound alltogether? 

Jessica is a singer, authorised CVT voice teacher, speech-language pathologist and energy worker. She teaches all singing styles, from death metal and pop to opera. She also offers classes and workshops for both small ensembles and large choirs.
She will help you with the HOW, both technically and personally. It can be volume, tone, breathing, microphone technique or songwriting, but it can also be about having the courage to sing or how to interpretate a song and getting your message through. You want to deliver it so that the audience will feel the essence of the message within themselves. People are searching to be touched and the responsibility is yours to do that, while singing or speaking. How does it get any better than that? What else is possible? 

Everyone Can Learn to Sing

Are you able to control your body movements? Then you can learn how to sing. The voice mechanism is consisting of muscles that can be trained, just like the rest of your body. Maybe, in your youth, someone told you that you were not allowed to be in the choir and you bought the belief that you couldn’t sing. Now is the chance to explore the possibilities of your voice and to get over your fear of singing. Jessica will be happy to assist you.

Are you a professional singer that would like to get more out of your voice? By gaining more knowledge and tools, you will increase the possibilities and control over your voice so that you can sing with the sound YOU wish for.

Emergency Aid!!

Have you got a gig tonight but you lost your voice? As long as it is not an infection or virus, Jessica can help you to recover quickly and get you back on stage fast, with the emergency aid program! In case of an infection or any other causes, Jessica is professionally trained as a speech-language pathologist and has contact with ear-nose-throat specialists that can examine the situation further.



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Complete Vocal Technique

Complete Vocal Technique, developed by Danish vocal researcher, Cathrine Sadolin, is based on the anatomy of the voice which offers practical and effective tools, giving the singer a safe and healthy approach to singing. The singer will experience immediate results within the very first lesson.

Jessica can teach you how to sing easily in any style. You can develop your singing or speaking voice in many different ways, eg. by increasing melodic range, becoming more sure of pitch, improved quality of vocal tone, economizing support, acquiring higher and lower volumes and changing sound color. A range of different effects, like distortion, creaking, different vibratos and licks and riffs (ornamentation) are also explained utilizing a safe method. What else is possible??

Jessica gives lessons to both children, teens and adults, private or in groups.

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