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singing lessons

Jessica teaches singing lessons to both children, teens (teens pay child rates until they turn 16) and adults, private or in groups. Have a friend/friends join you and take group lessons. The lessons are fun, effective and empowering. Her students leave the studio with a smile on their face, more confidence, more theoretical knowledge about their voice and an ability to make sounds they have never made before (already in the first lesson). 

Before you come to the lesson, pick a song that you would like to work on. It should contain a challenge: one or more parts that are hard for you to sing. In most cases, music sheets aren’t necessary. If you have a music track of it, it will do. There is a keyboard and a guitar in the studio, as well as a sound system. 
Lessons are given both in the studio (there is a lot of space) and online. 



You can buy gift certificates for exams, birthdays, weddings, Christmas or any other event. Just send Jessica an email with your request and she will contact you about the details.



There is a possibility for paying in installments. Just ask Jessica! Also, please check out the cancellation rules in the bottom of the page.


30 min

1 lesson:  350 SEK
5 lessons: 1610 SEK
7 lessons: 2205 SEK
10 lessons: 3050 SEK
When the child reaches an age of around 12, 13, a 30 min lesson tends to be too short. That’s why Jessica also offers 45 minute lessons.


45 min 

1 lesson: 525 SEK

 5 lessons: 2415 SEK
7 lessons: 3310 SEK 

10 lessons: 4565 SEK

adults private 45 min

1 lesson 700 SEK
5 lessons:  3250 SEK
7 lessons: 4410 SEK
10 lessons: 6090 SEK

GRoup lesson 1 hour

 2-3 aDULTS

1 lesson  400 SEK each
5 lessons:  1860 SEK each 
7 lessons: 2520 SEK each
10 lessons: 3480 SEK each

kids 40 min

1 lesson: 200 SEK each 
5 lessons: 930 SEK each
7 lessons: 1250 SEK each
10 lessons: 1750 SEK each

recorder/oboe lessons

1 lesson:  350 SEK
5 lessons: 1610 SEK
7 lessons: 2205 SEK
10 lessons: 3050 SEK



1 lesson:  700 SEK
5 lessons: 3250 SEK
10 lessons: 6090 SEK


* All the lessons are to be paid in advance, except when you have agreed upon an installment plan. Payment via PayPal is possible.
* Cancellations after 24 hours prior to the lesson have a fee of 350 SEK. 
* With a no show the whole amount will be charged. 
* 5 lessons are to be used within 6 months and 10 lessons within 12 months from the first lesson and onward.

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