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cvt intro webinar

An introduction to Complete Vocal Technique

May 23, 2020

   1 PM – 2 PM


 Jessica will share her wide knowledge about the tools that will give you access to the enormous amount of possibilities you have to control your volume, sound color, pitch, stability/quality, range etc. to deliver your message the way YOU like! 

 She will provide you with insight in the technique, anatomy of the voice, breath support, which modes and effects there can be made with the voice, how you can change your sound color and produce the sounds of your own choice, both when singing and speaking.
Ask questions before or during the webinar!  

choir workshop on demand - even online!

2-8 hours

Jessica travels to choirs that would like their members to know more about vocal technique, singing dynamically, with greater interpretation skills or any other topic that has to do with singing/communication.

Jessica has sung in several different choirs, from classical to show choirs, and bands since she was 10 years old. She has also coached several choirs in varying topics and styles. Usually the workshops consist of a presentation and a practical session, where Jessica works with one or two songs with the whole choir. In a full day workshop there is also space for individual master classes. 



+46 732 546 230

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