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vocal technique 1

6 thursdays, 7.30PM – 8.00PM CET

every week, live and online

2350SEK , 1950SEK for students 

In six evening classes, Jessica will teach you exciting new knowledge about the body, the voice and the four modes in Complete Vocal Technique.  Jessica is educated in Complete Vocal Technique, as a speech therapist and energy healer.

You will receive personal coaching, in the presence of the group, that will make your singing/speaking easier, more effective and also more fun. You will gain more control over your voice and be able to approach the sound you would like to have in a different way than before.

The group setting creates a safe, cosy and stimulating environment and it is very motivating to be cheered on by others, while you are trying out the different ways of expression in the songs of your own choice, as well as, together with Jessica figuring out how to help others with their voice.

“Jessica is very professional, engaging and pedagogical. In just a few occasions, I have learned totally new skills that I never thought I would be able to master! I can warmly recommend a course with Jessica if you are interested in using your voice in new, unexpected ways!” Jenny


You can pay in installments. Contact Jessica if you’re interested in that option.

May 4
May 11
May 18
May 25 (possible change of day)
June 1
June 8 

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