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rock, pop and R&B performance masterclass

march 14-15, 2020

workshop canceled!!

due to illness

Vocal coaches Jessica Gorlee and Raz Kennedy present a Live Performance Workshop, an intimate, weekend-long group class, focused on cultivating healthier vocal practices and training for high-caliber vocal delivery in live performance settings. 

Jessica and Raz will lead participants to break down and examine the song of their choice, offering personalized strategies to improve their overall technical approach and develop their song interpretation skills.

As a group, Raz, Jessica and the participants will explore the topics of stage presence and free body movement, microphone technique, overcoming stage fright and how to create memorable “moments” within a vocal performance. 

Additionally, Jessica and Raz will share practical methods to provide relief to the voice when discrepancies occur in performance and offer appropriate solutions to eliminate constrictions and center the voice quickly. 

The community setting provides a vibrant and supportive place for singers to experiment with different renderings of their material and arrive at their own original perspectives. Insights from this class will serve as an invaluable tool for singers who wish to deliver strong, expressive vocal performances that captivate their audience and implement safe techniques night after night.

The class will be held in English.

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