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Singing and communicating with your baby

1-6 months, DROP-IN

Start august 20th, 2020


200 SEK per session

punch ticket 10-sessions 1750 SEK

This lovely new group class is something really special!

Not only is Jessica going to sing with you and your baby, she is also going to share her wide knowledge from her professions as Speech-language pathologist and Complete Vocal Technique singing teacher. She will talk about the development of language and communication in babies, sing and give you tools for how to help your baby become a judgment free, perceptive, safe, happy and strong being. She will also share interesting facts about voice, breathing, language, speech and their connection to the body and sensory motor control.

Jessica has worked with children as an SLP for almost 20 years, has been a Complete Vocal Technique singing teacher for 8 years, is a singer-songwriter and mom of a 9 year old boy. In this class, the themes can differ widely! The basis are singing, touch and your questions and baby. There will be singing, laughing and new knowledge every week, be sure of that! You can ask any question and everything is possible!

The group can vary, since it is a drop-in concept. Group classes are cosy, educational and stimulating! Welcome!

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