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Unicorns and Dragons – baby class

0-6 months


9.30AM – 10.30AM

200 SEK per session

monthly subscription 700 SEK

This lovely new group class is something totally special!

Jessica Gorlee is not only going to be singing with you and your baby, she is also going to share her wide knowledge about speech therapy, singing and energy work (you might know that everything is energy and everything is affected by it’s surroundings?)!

She will tell you about the development of speech, language and communication in babies, and give you tools to help them (and you) become judgement free, responsive, safe, happy and strong beings! In addition she will tell you interesting facts about voice, breath, language, speech and their connection with motor control and the body.
There are unicorns and dragons, and both are exactly the way they should be. Which one of them is your child? Come and discover what this means!

Jessica has worked with children as a speech-language pathologist for nearly 20 years and is a mom to a 8-year old boy. In this class, the subject can be whatever, we will work from a theme every time, but your questions and babies will lead even more. One thing is sure though, there will be singing, laughing and new knowledge every week!
And you can ask any question. Everything is possible!

Class in group form is safe, cosy and stimulating.

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